Frequently asked questions

How do I sign the agreement if I won't be attending the inspection?

We send you an email link with our standard inspection agreement and any additional services you've selected. You can view and sign online with your mouse or with your finger if using a phone or a tablet. This works great when you are not planning to be present for the inspection. The inspection agreement must be signed prior to the inspection, for the inspection to take place. You can also print out the agreement, sign it, and email it back to If you will be attending the inspection, the inspector will bring a printed copy for you to sign onsite if needed.

How do I pay for the inspection if I won't be attending?

We send you an email link after the inspection has been scheduled to confirm the inspection. With this email there is a link to our secured online credit card payment system. You can also call our office to pay ahead of time with a credit card if you choose to. We accept all major credit cards. Alternatively, the inspector will upload the report and send you a link to pay online with a credit card when the report is ready. This will prevent anyone from seeing the report, including agents, until it is paid. Only the client can pay for the inspection.

How long should I plan for the inspection?

A typical home inspection takes 2 to 3 hours. On occasions, when the home is older, in poor condition, has septic and well inspections included, or is a larger home the inspection could take longer.

Is mold testing part of the general home inspection?

No. A home inspection does not include any mold testing. We do however offer mold testing. This is an additional service which should be arranged at the time of scheduling your inspection. You can learn more about our mold services and our pricing by visiting our Mold Page.

Do you test for Radon?

Yes! Radon gas is present throughout the Midwest with elevated levels in certain areas and therefore we recommend a radon test with every home inspection. This is an additional service which should be arranged at the time of scheduling your inspection. The EPA has identified Radon levels of 4 pCi/L or more as a health hazard. You can learn more about our radon testing by visiting our Radon Page.

Do the utilites have to be on for the inspection?

Not necessarily. The inspection may be limited depending on what utilities are not on at the time of the inspection. We also might be limited in our ability to verifiy everything is in working order without the utilities.

Are you insured?

Yes! We carry Errors & Omissions and General Liability insurance.

Do you offer a reinspection to come back to the property?

Yes! We do offer a re-inspection at a minimal fee. We do however recommend that any repairs made due to the initial inspection are performed by licensed contractors so re-inspections are limited and money is not unnecessarily spent on a re-inspection.

Can the inspector give me estimates on cost for repairs?

No. Our inspectors are forbidden by our code of ethics on performing repairs on a house they inspect or from making an estimate on what someone else would charge for something to be repaired. We can request a 3rd party review the inspection report and they can provide repair estimates, the report cost $75.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

Yes! If the Inspection is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance of the inspection a cancellation fee should be expected. When cancellations are made at the last hour it does not give us time to fill our inspectors schedule with another inspection. Therefore, there is a $150.00 fee for cancelling with which we will pay our inspector.

I'm having a Home Inspection on my home, do you hve any advice?

Preparing your home for Inspection